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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Government Offices to visit @ Labuan

What other activities we could do it Labuan, besides eating and enjoying sea breeze? Well, there are lots more other than laying back enjoying. There were couple of missions accomplished during my CNY stay in my hometown.

First of all, once touched down to the island... had my lunch... waited till 2.45pm (not too sure what time is the officers' lunch hour, just to be safe).... we headed to the Immigration Office at Labuan Financial Park, also named as Ujana Kewangan (UK) in Malay. Most of the banks and offshore financial banks are located here. Besides, its also the "largest" shopping mall in town.

Before approaching the office, we saw lots of people waited at the sitting area.. Oh gosh, it was public holiday on the past 2 days, on Day 3 of CNY, sure there are lots of people waiting to accomplished their business with the officers.

Anyway, we tried. Walked to the 1st counter - "Pertanyaan & Nombor", means Inquiry and Numbering. First question to the officer was "how long is the queue? cepat-tak? banyak orang ler ...". Officer answer "Tak (No), boleh la... cik fill up ini form" . So we bought the official bar coded form for RM1 each. Kiasu me had been practicing filling up the form once, after downloaded it from the official website. But ended up even being kiasu-er when I even signed the acknowledge receipt section. Haha.. anyway... you will know I didn't do it wrongly.

We have all our necessary document for passport renewal, i.e. Old passport, 2 passport photos, and.... forgot to photocopy our Identity Card. Anyway, it was so convenient. Just a doorstep away there is a stationary shop waiting for service us ! We then handed in the form and documents.

There goes 2nd counter, we need to take our conventional inked finger print. 3rd counter, made payment and digitalized finger print. The officer told us "datang pukul 4 petang nanti" (come back 4pm later). Looked at the watch, its already 3.20pm??

So we headed to opposite stall for chilling drinks.... Ta da... by 3:45pm we walked to the counter. Fortunate enough, our passports were all done!.. and the officers are preparing to leave for the day... It was just barely 1 hours for the entire process to get my new passport.... look how easy it was to handle such activity in the "stress-free" island like this? Government offices all locate in the same building with shopping mall. Conveniently we could kill time in just making some rounds in the shopping area before we could have mission accomplished.

Other offices within the building are:

Kumpulan Wang Simpanan Pekerja (KWSP), our Employee Provision Fund (EPF) Office...

LHDN (Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri), our Income Tax Office...

Jabatan Tanah, local Land Office...

and other more like Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (JPN) where one needs to replace Identity Card (I/C). Major banks like Maybank, CIMB and Pos Malaysia are all there.

Dealing with Government office here is much stressless, as the crowd is much lesser and the officers are all willingly wants to help around. Even encountered once where the officers will prefer to sit down in front of you, grabbed a pen and fill up the forms for you.

Although Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan (JPJ) office is a little way out from this building, most probably they need the space for vehicle check and so. But still, the service of driving license renewal, with photo change easily take you only 10-15minutes. Impressive service!

What a hassle free place to stay.....

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