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Friday, February 6, 2009

Food @ Labuan - Tuaran Mee & Honey-Chicken Rice, Kedai Kopi Soon Hin Leong

As I was craving for Tuaran Mee, though I am sure i will not get the best out of it.. at least get to test it near the land of origin - Tuaran, KK Sabah. We used to have this dish at SS2's corner coffee shop, but the stall owner had ended his business, believe was the past 2 years.

This time was a coincident, when my mom couldn't remember where has the regular Tuaran mee has sifted to, we ended ourselves in a coffee shop selling mainly Honey-Chicken rice. I am not a fan of chicken, as though I shifted my attention to the next stall which is selling fried noodle..... I found it, I found it... they serve Tuaran mee!

The noodles are usually home-made with sliced barbecue pork, fried egg and the usual greens. Very alike of Won Tan Mee, but it's a fried version instead of tossed.

This particular coffee shop, we observed and found out is own by this famous Honey-Chicken rice owner. Mom likes the chicken rice very much, but I find it so-so. Apparently the owner is a success entreprenuer, whom started his business in soya bean drink some 10+ years ago in the island. He's origin from Ipoh but have been settled down in the lovely island of Labuan... many who likes to escape from the hectic life in the city would love this peaceful and lovely island, trust me. That's why I am still proud to be the residence of Labuan ;) who knows I will retire back to my island sweet island.

By the way, just a site advertisement I found at the coffee shop's notice board. Its a car rental contact in Labuan. Just in case you would need this information, it will be helpful for your trip to the island. Not owning a vehicle here will bring you no way to the interesting spots around.

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