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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Shopping @ Labuan - Handicraft Market

Guess most people who had been to Labuan, will only thinks of Duty Free Shops when it comes to shopping @ Labuan. Though, I admit we could see many Duty Free Shops, especially in the Mall as well as nearby areas of ferry jetties.

Probably only handicraft lovers will know that Labuan has its handicraft market too, guess the stall had exist since I was a kid. This market may be also known as Philippino market, as its selling item are mainly origin from Philippines. Anyhow, getting unique craft item like sea shells, pearls and so at this market place is not a bad idea too. Furthermore, its just located next to the main fresh market of the island.

So, what was our aim this time? It was to shop a gift for our friend's Birthday this month. We bought a sea shell decor stuff plus a string of pearl for own artwork. For ourselves, we have mini congkak, which cost only RM16 each, where its beads made of small lilshells. And, 2 set of lil shell-made curtains, which cost only RM18 for 2.

Here's what you can see in the stall.....

and this is the owner, auntie who also handmade her own accessories with pearls....

this is the stall no., in case you are also a craft lover....

Other stalls around are those like this, selling unique antique or traditional items like Keris, rings, and other accessories.

Besides handicraft, I had bought myself a pair of cloth for Baju Kurung / Baju Kebaya Labu or whichever name they give. Basically is Malay traditional cloths. I found the pair of cloth was quite nice, and most importantly it was cheap. It was only RM30 per pair. I bought a set and went couple of shops next door to tailor it. Talking about tailor, you could get more than 10 stalls who tailor these Malay wear. I observed around and choosed the one which I like most... tailor fee cost me RM38.

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