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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Beach @ Labuan - Pancur Hitam

Too much to write, too little time to spend. Exactly what I am going through right now. Today has been my last day of CNY vacation, I have been tempted to logon to my company laptop. Thank god, there was this CNY chart mentioned before, that today will be a bad day for me to start working!! Tomorrow will be the best.. so, I have that in mind all the while which had distracted me away from work. Besides, I have all sorts of blog topic in mind from my last trip back home, the island sweet island -- Labuan. Now, I only have this little energy to write this simple one.

I had a fullfilled vacation back home this time. Enjoy visiting relatives and catch up with some friends, who had lost contact for many many years. Although the weather didn't permit us to have all day long photography sessions, as it was cloudy most days. But we did stop by several attraction sites, stopped by enjoying the beauty of island breeze, tasty BBQ chicken wings as well as fresh from the tree's coconut fruit drink.

Hereby, introducing another public beach place at the West of the island. There are some common facilities and food stalls available here. Situating not too far from the famous Kg Layang-layangan beach, made this location slightly quiet and less crowded. Remembering many years ago my brother brought us here.

Food stalls here serve common foods, like coconut and BBQ chicken wings. Personally, I might not think its very tasty. Heard they served Soto, but that was many years ago, when my brother introduced me.

We ordered a fresh coconut to share, as we just had a very heavy lunch. Enjoying the sea breeze under a shade like this... here are the picture and feel out of it.

And this is me....

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