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Saturday, February 14, 2009

CNY Celebration or Valentine's Day?

Today is Feb 14., the ever famous commercial Valentine's day! However, at a corner of my residential area, Kota Kemuning Shah Alam, there is a Chinese New Year (CNY) celebration party organized by the local municipal council, Majlis Bandaraya Shah Alam (MBSA).

Some might be asking.... aren't we had end CNY last Monday? Exactly the same question I had asked. Seeing this red banner around the roundabouts entering our residential area, though it was just a simple Happy New Year by xxxxx banner. To be honest, the banner was too small and not capturing enough attention. Cautious drivers might not even had spot a single word on it.

Anyway, they still able to draw the crowds to the hall. This time round, much more foods were prepared and it's all free. Heard they had caterred about 3000pax of food. Herbaline health spa and its eloha concept restaurant provided foods like mini nasi dagang, salads and muffins.

Here's the hall and banner cum backdrops. Can you read any wordings from the Ox picture?
Please click and enlarge... tips : On your left is alphabetical words and right is Chinese words.

Still can't get it? LEFT : GONG XI FA CHAI & RIGHT : 恭喜发财

Oh ya.. anytime when you happen to bring yourself to such crowd and hall, do remember to bring a long a fan like this.. waahhaaa....

There were more than 30 lucky draw gifts were given out. Of course, we were one of the lucky one too... with the no. "11558" - in Cantonese means don't "fat"(prosperous)??? but still lucky enough to get the gift below. The grand prize was a Panasonic LCD TV!!

Guess what was it?


Lastly, there were fireworks presentations, lasted for about 5min. Managed to captured a few pictures below. Of course... with my free-hand style of photo capturing.

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Choy said...

Nice writeup again. Obviously food was just too much this time but at least this year we would not be getting complaints about not enough food. Anyway, thanks.