Purple has now turned blue... purple is joy, yet blue is hope!


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Blue Sky & White Clouds... 一起看云去...

Not too sure where Mom overheard this philosophy, must be from her favourite TV programs.... anyway, I find it interesting and would like to share this to whomever would appreciate it. Personally, I do like blue skies and if possible where it is accompany with some pure white clouds. Lying on a ground of green-green-grass at a chilling hill top or stream, will be a perfect day-dreaming place for me.

What Mommy said "it will bring you good luck when viewing the blue skies and its edge of white clouds", "however, make sure its pure white clouds, not those dark/gray clouds", "those dark/gray clouds will not bring good luck, but will make your life gloomy!"

Indeed make fairly good sense... good pictures and nice scenery will bring one positive luck, where one will cherish him/herself easily, giving one better hope and future...

Let's enjoy the gifted scenery of unpolluted blue skies while we can... appreciate life, appreciate the environment. Stay away from gloomy scenes as it will make one even more moody!

Have a beautiful Sunday!!

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