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Sunday, March 8, 2009

DIY - Mulberry, Kiwi and Grape Enzyme

Since I had my Mulberry harvest again that period of time, I continue prepare for another type of mixed fruit enzyme. This time I added Kiwi and Grape. Again, its all based on what suggested in the enzyme making recipe book.

Ingredients prepared as below. That's my harvested Mulberry.

Dumped them all into the bottle, add packet Oligo (about 1 packet for 1 bottle) plus brown sugar in between the layer of fruits.

3 days later, check on the bubble where enzyme is fragmented. Shake well as it goes. Sieve it and keep enzyme in the fridge. Consume them as you like. Beware the amount of grape you added, it will cause the fragmented smells like wine.. due to the layer of the natural coated powder kept at the skin of grape.

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