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Sunday, March 8, 2009

DIY - Dragon Fruit & Grape Enzyme

I invested in this Enzyme making book some time last December. Came near CNY or so, I had tried out some of the recipe mentioned in the book. I went fruit grocery shopping at Subang Jaya one day, grab all necessary ingredient below. Click to enlarge the photo below for better viewing.

Then, base on the steps give above, here are what ingredient I had prepared. Washed and dried under the fan for complete dryness.

I changed the technique a bit, instead of using liquid based Oligo, I had used the packet powder form Oligo plus organic brown sugar. The rest of the steps are exactly the same as what I had previously done for enzyme making. Left them in the bottle and store at cold dry place for the next 2 weeks.

3 days later, it will look like this. More juicy and enzyme produced. Do shake them to even up the texture and fruits.

By the way, I browsed through some of the recipe pages and one had captured my attention.. 5 spices enzyme ?? 五味? One will understand what does it means as we had discussed and laughed over it over the year through 2008 into 2009.

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