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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Recycle for Charity

Some of you might have seen this box before. Do you really know what it means and how we could contribute our part? I recalled watching a TV documentary program from Astro AEC sometime last year. It was featuring this particular non-profit organization, which has successfully contributing to the society since it established in 2003.

Their official website - http://www.recyclecharity.org/, worth a visit!

What impressed me was how they work for the society, given that most of their workers are pensioners and retirees. They are such energetic, working and contributing to the society. They mainly collect recyclable items, and send them to appropriate recycling centers, then generate incomes and return to society via charity drives and donations.

They work hard for the money, not just via donations. It contributes to the society in a way, saves our environment. But, how much do us eventually did to the environment. Won't deny, some of us do donates money to some charity organizations once a while... but do we save our planet, save our earth?

In such drives, we could do our part.... I'm lucky in such, they set up many of such recycling booths around my residential areas. In fact there are 2 at my area, and they had recently increased their frequency, instead of being here every 3rd Saturday of the month, their presence are now weekly.

How can we do our part in supporting recycling drives?

PATIENCE is the key:
  • - instead of taking easy way off throwing your garbage into the garbage bin, think twice...
  • - separate them where possible, especially dry plastic bags, plastic bottles...
  • - then unused glass bottles
  • - papers, i.e. newspapers, magazines bill envelopes, waste paper, card boards, boxes, etc...
  • - then keep aluminum drinking cans in a separate bag

Here are what I normally do, as easy as ABC... differentiate most my garbage (especially those dry type) into separate plastic bags. Once there are filled up, send them to the recycling centers pick up points.

In a way, the organization does provide phone no. to call. They will help to collect unwanted bulky items from your house. At some point, they might drive their lorry to our residential area looking for recyclable items, just like "old newspaper man". Just that we don't cash out of it, but you will feel proud of doing such charity work unknowingly.

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