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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Malaysia Earth Hour 2009 - What did you do?

We could see that many participated in the WWF-Malaysia Earth Hour 2009 this time round. Believe it's the publicity which had drove it well, and it sounded to me (at least) has been a success in the urban living city like Kuala Lumpur. Many has shown their support, including me?

Well, I do agree it would just another publicity mission, where many has commercialized it. I did checked out yesterday's The Sun newspaper, seems a new shopping mall downtown (CapSquare) has organized some drives - Walk of Hopes @ CapSquare. In fact the only thing interested me was the run with entrance fee of RM10 and goodies bag!!

I wonder how was the crowd that night. I ignored the event, as I don't think I will be going all the way downtown just to participate in this walk, furthermore I have no accompany :(

So, what did I do between 8.30-9.30pm today?

I have no plans (though with some dreams in mind), luckily there was an invite to my neighbouring friend's house for 'candle light' dinner, and it was in the garden!!! What a beautiful garden dinner (which I had dreamed of as though I'm enjoying late spring or early autumn breeze). Thankfully, it was after a heavy downpour, the temperature was just nice for a garden dinner. It was a pot-luck buffet dinner and these time round, we had mainly vegetables served. Green was the theme, I guess.. to save our mother earth!

Here are some of the pictures for sharing... most of all... candles were the main actor of the night... without it, we might need to walk in dark. With it, we had enjoyed a 'romantic' dinner... adding some acoustic rhythm from the guitar had perfectly brought up the atmosphere.

Pictures taken with Canon IXUS 801S, on loan unit from a friend... since I forgot to bring along mine. :)

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