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Sunday, March 15, 2009

My 100th post @ blogspot.com!

Wow! This had been my greatest achievement in blogging. In just 6.5 months time, which I set up my 1st post last Aug 30, 2008... it has now with a 100th post... can't believe it myself. Mind it, I had never re-post anything from my old blog at Multiply.com.

What picture should I post here... probably my current profile picture which I might be changing in future... yet to change my blog template for the time being, as its suits me well - pinkish purplish me!

Now, its time for me to review what I had done well, what improvements I would need, etc...

What went well?
  • - practically enhanced my imagination and writing skills.. though I knew I don't really place an effort to enrich my vocabulary in most posts, I am not a good writer by nature. :P
  • - a good past time tool for me to de-stress
  • - made me appreciate life and being observant, as I would take note of things out there and blog them out when necessary, an eye opener to the world out there
  • - bonding tool with friends and family members

What needs improvement?
  • - as mentioned above, for sure its my English writing skills!!
  • - as a friend always tell me "enough of your food blog", will include more interesting topics next time
  • - gain more readers, hahah... obviously I had never publish my blog to most friends. I had just done this TODAY in Facebook, hopefully friends will notice me.
  • - enhance my blogger's tool, i.e. RSS and Feedburner which is still failing on me till today!
  • - ....... & many many more I guess

Time for you, my friend to provide me feedback on what needs improvement... appreciate your participation to encourage me in continuing the writings.

Good luck to myself ^_^ !

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