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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Mar 21-22 Weekend Event @ Toyota Showroom nationwide

It's another weekend.... what's there out there? I received a letter from Toyota this week, informing me of an offer for those cars falls under a particular year of purchase, could receive FREE one year roadtax if I renew my insurance policy with them.... Since my insurance has yet expire, I would only need to register myself with a letter issued. I would use them for roadtax redeem when it comes November this year :)

(excerpt from Toyota.com.my website)

As a loyal customer (at this point) to Oriental Capital insurance company, ever since I bought my car from PJ Sec 19, Toyota Showroom, without failed I had renewed my car insurance with them. Not too sure if its fortunate or unfortunate, I had my car's accident repair claim done without much hassle since I had bought my insurance under-the-same roof. Well, partially due to their after sales service too, after being close to 7 years of customer to this sales showroom, we could noticed there are still a few familiar faces of their employee. Of course, as they had expanded business couple of years back, there are more unfamiliar faces around.

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