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Saturday, March 21, 2009

DimSum or no DimSum

It has been a 1+ week ago plan, our lunch planner had planned for lunch at a non-halal DimSum restaurant near our work place. Initially the plan was to have it last Friday, March 13th. Unfortunately, most of us could not make it.

Thus, planner then changed the schedule.. marked our calendar for a March 20th Friday DimSum lunch at this particular restaurant - Tai Thong @ Wisma Selangor Dredging, Jalan Ampang. We used to have lunch at this restaurant when we have overseas colleagues visiting. We will invite those colleagues, especially those who like porkie meal, since they somewhat get bored for having pure halal food throughout their trip. Else, in particular when our lunch planner have the crave, she will plan us to this type of lunch. There are even better description of the restaurant in this blog.

So this particular day, we made sure we all are ready for lunch... get prepared as early as possible, all-set for a hearthy DimSum lunch. 1st car arrived at Wisma Selangor Dredging.. happily get ourselves to the car park, walked up 2 stories of staircase from the basement car park, took the 1 level lift, and found...... tada.....

What happened to the restaurant? This isn't what we usually saw? The restaurant is basically EMPTY!!! except for its long curtain left around. Tables and chairs were all removed....

Apparently, according to this comment, the restaurant has closed its business since March 11, 2009.. which was just last week. Imagine if we would had gone there last Friday, we might not even know it has closed its business permanently, as we might just thought it is close for business that particular day.

Oh dear, what had happened and what should we do??

Quickly called the other car to detour and find another lunch place. We then headed to another Tai Thong at Jalan Ampang, namely Royal China, opposite Citibank building. We understand they are having promotion for 12 types of DimSum with a promo of 50%. To our disappointment, it was just a promotion tricks, where there were not much offer of the promo plate, where we have to wait for them to serve. DimSum service was not too good, waiters and waitress merely entertained us, probably because they knew we were visiting mainly for their promo plates.

Anyway, this will probably the one and last time to visit this restaurant. We might just find out a better place for non-halal DimSum around office next time. Any suggestions?

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