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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Disappointed UOB Credit Card Customer

I am a customer of UOB credit card ever since they introduced their ONE card, the first (as I know of) cash rebate card in town. They made it such attractive where a rebate in cash form and easy for cash redemption at its participate merchants. I signed up happily and had often used the card at Carrerfour Hypermarket, which at at time had 4% cash rebate. Redemption was such easy, where we could redeem the cash at any visit we like.

However, things changed a year after. Their participating merchant had changed, and the rules for cash rebate collection had changed drastically too.

Next, we have our lunch planner's favorite hangout place - SanFrancisco Coffee was having 10% cash rebate since the launch of UOB ONE card. Where lately, when I checked on their merchant lists (as on today March 21, 2009), looks like this favorite breakfast/lunch place for our lunch planner is no longer in the list. No wonder she noticed it few days ago, comparing the credit card receipt, noticed that her recent March receipt does not have the rebate points. At times she event called up UOB customer service to check. I still remember, once upon of time I was the one who pursued her to apply for the card. Well, good enough that she's a frequent SF customer... in fact she has earned about RM190 cash rebate, can you imagine how much she has spent?

Anyway, back to the main story.... In fact, I am holding 3 credit cards from UOB. The other cards were not what I applied. Master Gold card was 'forced' to use and accept as it came with a package with the ONE card. The other card I have is a Supplementary card of a Club card.

So, what's the disappointment....

Incident #1 - Feb 2009

  • - All these I noticed UOB been billing me with 2 statement each more. 1 for ONE card + Gold card, another 1 for my sup-club card.

  • - In Jan 2009, I made a payment to my sup-club card with a single cheque for all my 3 cards, it was even a full payment cheque.

  • - Unfortunately, the payment was not made to the sup-club card, but the amount was made to the Principal-club card. I was angry and called up the customer service.

  • - Guess what they advice was? .... "Mdm, you will either need to get your Principal card holder to send us a letter, to advice us to transfer the payment amount, else... you will have to pay the balance, and the exceed payment will stay on your Principal card."

  • - So, wtf.. what system that you are having? Why is it so inflexible? ... "Sorry Mdm, that's all we can do.".... angry me has gave up "Please get your supervisor or Manager to call me tomorrow" (since it was 6pm that day).... "Sorry Mdm, we can't promise anyone can call you tomorrow, our promise is 3 working day".... :-|, what service level that you have? dare to tell your customer you can only call after 3 work day?

  • (my credibility to this bank has dropped drastically, to be honest)

  • - Came 3 days later, the supervisor called me.. "Mdm, sorry for all these confusion. Because the Principal/Sup card setup, the payment of bill will always get to the principal account. We advice Mdm to have the principal card holder to make the payment for the Sup-card, in future to reduce the confusion"...

  • (:-|, again... does it make sense?.. anyway, it has been 3 weeks far later after the payment date when I discovered this happened... Since there is no point arguing, I took the advice and made the payment as per advice)
Incident #2 - Mar 2009

  • - The story went on.... came following month... I saw my statement and again, the bill was not settle AGAIN...

  • - Called up customer service, this time they told me another excuse. "Mdm, because payment is auto-apportionment by default, the amount will be paid to the principal card as full and it will pay for Sup-card based minimum payment due. ". "What we can do now, do you want to have the auto-apportionment disabled, we need to get confirmation from your principal card holder"

  • - Huh? Angry me asked "every month I had been filling up the stupid payment slip below, kept a tick at the boxes below, just to make sure my payment is made according to what I listed?"

  • (customer service agent kept quiet and start to apologizes)

  • - I asked "is this my problem or your problem?", she replied and said "Sorry Mdm, this is the manual process problem", "So? can you transfer over and investigate further?", "Sorry, we can't do that..."

  • (after talking >20min, I gave up!!)

  • - "Please get your Manager to talk to me"... so, I am yet to get their call.. 3 working days, meaning I shall be expecting a call only next Tuesday...

Very good Service Level huh... even response time is exactly per its SLO coverage, never even border to improve themselves. What a pitiful customer service they have. Bye-bye to UOB soon...

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