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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Annick Goutal Perfume Launch @ Fukuya Japanese Restaurant

I don't normally border of such invite to function like this, especially when I would expect it will surely be a "sale" type of product launch. Their target is mainly aiming to sell you their new launch product, or off the shelf current products.

Anyway, the 3-8 (busybody) me decided to pay them a visit. Since I work nearby Imbi area, where the restaurant is situated. There were 2 reasons for me to stop by, 1) The Japanese Restaurant - Fukuya's website seems to be attractive, 2) Was trying to find out an uncommon gift for my friend's wedding.

I dropped by with a friend to the function place around 630pm. Didn't quite expect the function place seems to be quite narrow. After registering ourselves at the counter, got ourselves a door gift as above.... I then walked myself to their perfume counter and had some sampling and asked the sale person some questions.

We tried a couple of perfume, which most of it tasted so-so. In our opinion, generally the smell was not "catchy" and it feels as if its like some other ingredients, i.e. black pepper, soap, etc... However, I would say their bottle is seems unique and its box and wrapper looks quite elegant.

In summary, we didn't stay long, since the function place is small and crowded. Observing the setup and place of the restaurant, we then went off after 30min stay at the place. Overall, they had organized a great product launch which incorporated credit card company to get most of the guests. However, it was just not my taste and type of perfume I am looking for.. sorry and too bad! Can't close a deal with you.



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Purpledee said...

Thanks Isey,
didn't know it exist since the past centuries, but certainly it looks very traditional English type.