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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Fishing @ Kota Kemuning

Guess I am just able to write a simple blog today. Have been hibernating from 'umph' of writing these days, especially during the high peak of work stressed period. Long pending stories to share, hope I will have much more time to write :)

Here's a very quick blog. I discovered a great leisure cum quiet hobby someone been enjoying out there on a Sunday morning. Under the shedding trees with a bed of lotus flowers along the swampy area next to the Klang River. The scene attracted me to stop by and took a nice shot of this uncle and his family... quietly waiting for his harvest - fish from the pond. His wife brought along some foods to share, it was a bright and shiny morning... only if I have my DSLR with me that morning, believe I would have got a nice shot of him....

Where's the place... it's along Persiaran Anggerik Renantanda, GPS coordinate N2 59.807 E101 33.027. Click below map for detail viewing.

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