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Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Stay @ Hilton Singapore, June 15-17 2009

It has been almost 7 years since I last stayed at Hilton Singapore. I will always remember the day I last stayed at this hotel, it was on September 11, 2002.. when I checked myself into the hotel that nite, ~9pm+ local Singapore time... That was when the unbelievable incident happened at New York city, and the security over at both KLIA and Changi was surprisingly tight the time I depart and arrive at both airport. I received a call from hubby when I was in the taxi on the ride from Changi airport to hotel. I turned on the TV and found a repeating news on CNN and other channels... On the very next morning class, the mood of everyone was rather doomed, unconcentrate, worried, etc... as we were told not to return back to KL on the next day, as travel restrictions via air has been in placed.... having no choice, we were all worries and making cellphone calls to arrange to extra day of accommodation, and very unfortunate Hilton was fully booked at that time. Some of us then had to changed hotel, and taken a VIP bus instead, which brought ourselves back to KL on the following day.

... an unforgetable event I had at that time... almost 7 years later, I checked in back to the same hotel, since my regular stay hotel was fully booked.

Without much expectation, this time round they had refurbished their guest room. It had been rather 'modern' look, and I like the simple yet bright setup of the room. Although the room is rather smaller than the one I used to have at Grand Hyatt Sinagopre, I would say I quite like it for a short stay, as most of my item are reachable within a few steps :P

Next was their toiletries... rather remind me of my last stay almost 3 years ago at Hilton Post Oak, Galleria Houston, US. .. and the alarm clock reminded me the same too... believe most Hilton would have the similar items.

One more thing I just happened to notice on my last night stay, while I was surfing. I found there were TV input available on my work desk. Just nice if we would have players to project them out to the LCD TV. By the way, the room was equipped with DVD player too!

Here's the view from my window... kind of greenish, made me feel much better in the morning. Without failed, my business trip will always accompanied with some fruits; strawberry was my choice this time round, as its the smallest I could finish within 3 days.

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