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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Titiwangsa Roadside Hawker Stall (糖水街), Ipoh

Next on the list, was dessert time !!! In fact we have had a fulfilling dinner that night, we then headed on to Ipoh Parade for 'air-conditioner' since the weather was extremely hot that weekend. Further opposite Ipoh Parade is Sam Tet School and just opposite Sam Tet Primary school there are 2 main Hawker centers. One of it is Man U hawker center, another one along the roadsite apparently is called Titiwangsa. Initially I have no idea what was it called, not until I checked on MFM map.

Understand this particular hawker center is famous of its dessert. 2 main stall you must remember, No. 33 is famous of its fruity A.B.C., named after Ais-Batu-Kacang (ice blended fruit mix). Another stall is No. 18, which is famous of its pork intenstine porridge... yummy! Especially for those porkie lover out there, I have known at list 2-3 of them :)

Unfortunately we ordered from a wrong stall for our ABC, reason because we didn't know the owner was from a different stall. But then, its fine as we noticed most the stall's serving are the same, most probably it may be different from its taste... we will surely go to the right stall again next time round.

Here were the crowd along the hawker stalls.

ABC from stall no. 30.... start from a front view... piles of fruits like papaya, nana-de-coco, jackfruits, etc...

Then the back view, there are dragon fruits, watermelon (rounded), honey dew (rounded), mango, lychee, peanuts and jelly.

Ice cream from the top view... RM3.8o for a bowl.

and finally the complete view.

At stall no. 18, its porridge time. Fried pork intestine is one of my favourite too! They seems to advertise the fried stuff by hang those at the stall.

Here's the location. GPS coordinate N4 35.735 E101 05.237 and map, click to enlarge.

and finally is the night view at one of the main road, if not mistaken is Jalan Sultan Iskandar. Someone out there, kindly correct me if I am wrong. As I have never been driving in Ipoh town, could get totally lost if I do so.

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