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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Chen Fu Ji (陳福記) Noodles House @ Singapore Changi T2

Opps... I am ending my Singapore posts with another food blog.. Sorry to post on food blogs, friends who are overseas today must be drooling for my ability to taste local foods around the corner.

Anyway, this won't be a huge post... posting some interesting dishes or those worth trying. A colleague and I were hunting for dinner before our departure time. Bumped into a Chinese restaurant and so happened I would wish to have something light, noodle will be a good choice.

We both looked into the menu... here we went on with our choice...

Saw this particular interest menu - Coffee Pork Ribs?? hmmm... wonder how it taste.

I ordered the Laksa Seafood Noodle and friend had her choice of gravy bihun. We shared a plate of vegetable as well as a basket of siu-mai.

Here's the setup of restaurant... nothing special in fact.

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