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Sunday, June 14, 2009

"Twins" (孖仔) Chee Cheong Fun @ Menglembu Ipoh

Another newly discovered food around Menglembu, our usual place for wet marketing stuffs. Surfed around food blog and found this particular coffee shop sells famous Chee Cheong Fun (CCF), a type of Chinese Rice Noodle roll.

Why does it call 'Twins', I noticed the CCF is kinda thick. Why does it so famous? Well, the sauce was special, type of sourly type of curry.... plus it comes with vege and most importantly - pig's skin!!! I still remember a friend of mine who ever ate so many pieces of pig's skin during a shabu-shabu (Japanese Steamboat) dinner.... she might ever ended with a dream of pig skin as a blanket... hahah.. :))

By the way, the stall only starts its business merely from 12noon onwards. The trent we notice is, food stall at Menglembu only opens for lunch. There are not many choices for morning breakfast or brunch, especially for those famous food. Noon onwards till evening, there are a lot more choices.

Restaurant Wing Kat Fong. GPS Coordinate : N4 33.952 E101 02.727
Click map for enlarge view.

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