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Friday, June 26, 2009

Bamboo Charcoal Bread (竹碳面包)

It's another blogging time... can't wait to release some tense here, welcoming the Friday nite... a long waited day of the week. Enjoyed facing 2 PCs at a time - one playing long collected TVB series, another one for blogging, and my mind was wondering and day-dreaming at a concurrent time.

What I had on my blog-Q?

This was my first time ever bought a blackie dark so called - Bamboo Charcoal Bread.

O.M.G. ! It looks as if the bread is full of mold. Don't you think so? But, you never try you'd never know how it taste. Indeed was nice and taste much better than plain white bread. Taste more like some organic flour made high quality home-made bread, definitely unlike those mass-produced Gardenia bread.

I googl'ed around and tried to find out what is the real ingredient for the bread. Unfortunately, I am yet to fully understand its real source. Some has defined Bambo Charcoal as the real charcoal made out of bambo, which could reduce the amount of environment pollution.

Some had said its made of a popular healthy ingredient, which has been popular in Japan. According to Goodbites NST, this is what they describe the ingredient...

"The edible charcoal is made from the Moso bamboo which is naturally black in colour. It’s first carbonised over high heat, then ground into powder before mixed into the bread dough with sunflower seeds. They claim it can prevent cancer. "

Where did I get this? ... well, its the oldest bread shop in Kota Kemuning, Four Seasons Bakery Shop, same row as Kota Kemuning POS office.

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