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Saturday, June 20, 2009

3 Hours Sight Seeing Tour @ Singapore

Special thanks to a friend, whom brought me around for a merely 3 hours sight seeing tour at Singapore downtown, hitting their current cutting edge and state-of-art tourist attraction places. Both are very new to me...

1) Marina Barrage
According to its official site, the barrage is built on mouth of Marina Channel, with the 3 most important reason - Water Supply, Flood Control and Lifestyle Attraction. Indeed, besides the all complicated technology implanted there, I could see the barrage is utilized as families and tourists for a get-together, family outings, etc...

Browsing the official site's photo gallery, you could find a huge artificial upgrounded park, carpeted with greenery and I could find people playing KITES !!! my favourite one lately ;P

2) Singapore Flyer

Another newly launched Eye-of-Singapore, merry-go-round thingy somewhere last year. It's in a capsule... which could bring one up into the skies, across the wheel somewhat 360 degree. I didn't had the chance to try out the ride.... may be some other time will make an effort.

Seems its today the world's largest observation wheel.

Around the corners at the wheel, there are lots of restaurants for dining, without failed, there was a small lil upgrounded park too.. just above its multi stories car park, next besides the flyer.

Alright... that's all of our quick tour at Singapore this time round. Thanks friend.

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