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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mom's Chinese Rice Dumpling, Ba-Chang

Since my nite conference was canceled, and various chat activities happened for the past few minutes, it seems I am yet sleepy... in such case, why not I continue a simple post to share.

What do I have here? It's Chinese rice dumpling, better known as Ba-Chang (Hokkien), Zhong-Zhi (Mandrin) and so.... it was a Chinese celebration, where some might call it "Chinese Dumpling Festival", "Dragon Boat Festival" or even "Rice Dumpling Festival". Well, its hard for me to explain in English. It's call 端午节 in Chinese.

Found a useful website, which even teaches you how to make rice dumpling ! Interesting. Click here if you wish to know more.

I went back home to Ipoh last weekend, without ask... I knew Mom will surely prepare her favourite Rice Dumpling which she learned only last couple of years, from her mom indeed. Ensuring the taste and talent will not lost over the years. Probably it may be good if I could learn from her too.... will see.

Here are the pictures...

What's so special about this home-made dumpling, versus what we could easily buy from the market? Well, let me list them down.

1) It's small, smaller than usual dumpling
2) Filled with nice pork and nuts
3) Rice not too dark in color
4) Most important there is no soya bean or whatever beans one might place in... I hate beans in my rice dumpling :P!

There it goes - a simple rice dumpling!

Oh ya, by the way I discover a little dumpling this time.. not sure what had it made out from, probably just glutinous rice and pandan leaves!... somehow not my taste.

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