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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Red Box Puchong IOI Mall New Opening

Another short post of the day.... didn't have much energy to blog these days, blame it on a very stress work days I have along the work weekdays. Anyway, this may be part of an event planned for our group outings coming end-Jul or early-August period.

It has been a while since our 'outing' gangs gathered together for a sing-song Karaoke session. Believe we only have 1 session throughout the first half of 2009. Unlike previous years, we have our get-together like this almost every quarterly.

Friends, what about a gathering for our coming-back friend for her summer holiday, all the way from U.K. coming early August?

Had an opportunity to sign up for Red Box soft launch at IOI Mall, Puchong new wing last weekend. Had a discount voucher and their opening will be a month later, July 23 2009. The voucher will valid till August 21 2009, just nice for us.

Oh yah.. by the way, I was given a nice notepad and some pens upon signing up as their member. See all there :-)

Visit their official website, believe this new outlet will appear at their site soon!

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Jacko said...

u pm sure ppl come. if wait other pm, wait west-north wind lor...