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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ Restaurant, Singapore

This is supposed to be "A Day out in Singapore - Part 3". However, I had changed it blog title to the restaurant name instead.

First of all, this place CHIJMES (pronouns as "chimes") at Singapore, located nearby City Hall. It's a national heritage site, which now converted into popular dining and shopping area. CHIJMES Hall, is the restored chapel... and now its been a favourite picture taking place for wedding photos. At the lower ground level, they have several bars restaurant too.

We dine at a Japanese BBQ Restaurant, you should have known the name as above - Gyu-Kaku. Visit their site at http://www.gyu-kaku.com.sg/. Why it has not panetrate into our Malaysian market? Even Indonesia has got its branch. In Japan, it seems to be kind of a chained store restaurant, they have 700++ outlet in Japan itself.

Kimchi & Vegetables for grill

Korean Stone Rice & its after stirring effect

Wagyu beef & varieties of pork bacon and sausages

On the grill & the bacon

Butter garlic prawn and lamb

Another highlight is their dessert - YakiMochi Ice Cream! You will need to grill this Japanese rice cake. Most importantly, check out the video we took.. see how the rice cake "Pop"!

We had almost all dish served by its grilled plate, except the stone-rice and ice-cream... Wagyu beef is the highlight! They serve nice Wagyu beef for grill, and some pork and bacon too. They were all tasty! But my only worry was - will it be too heaty??!! (anyway, I had prepared my instant Chinese herbal tea ;))

Thanks to the treat YH! It was a great dinner and obviously its a good place to dine and blog :P


Anderson Tang said...

i really feel hungry now!
Lots of nice recommendation in your blog...
anyway, will only have chance to try when if i go Singapore~

Purpledee said...

Thanks for your compliment and dropping by, Anderson... glad to know someone finds my leisure blog interesting... though I might not be writing like a professional food blogger :P