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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Food Surprises - Lan Je (蘭姐) Steam Talapia Fish, is now in Subang USJ

I have heard of this place selling affordable steamed talapia fish many years ago, it is famous in Rawang. For some reason, there was this someone who wanted to bring me there :P Well, well, well.... time flies, and today I had finally got the chance to try it out at Kota Damansara branch. Thanks to the treat master!

The best joke of the day was -- this restaurant had its latest branch opened at Subang USJ, just approximately 15min drive from my home. Hmmm... comparing the 30min drive we had, we all laughed when ordering our food.

Here's the advertisement, extracted from Media Focus website.

Here are the photos taken... nothing impressive, food was simple. In fact I would not mind, don't get me wrong :) as I would think one of the way of being healthy is avoid tasty and oily food, shift yourself towards steam food will be good for healthy lifestyle.

One of my family member will love this below - Sweet & Sour chicken!

You may check out their list of branches from many food blogs out there.
Taste it out, if you would like steam talapia fish.

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