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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Cheesy Tuna Sandwich Afternoon Tea

This is meant to satisfy my blogging need. Being away from writing makes me feel like returning to this cyber world. The way I look at it, one will have more to share only when one open up the heart and gets close to nature or more human energy. Far to be a positive person, one needs to have an opened heart & mind. To absorb once they call energy into his soul. That's where I come from, get close to the nature, see and learn more, most importantly - be yourself!

Alright, philosophy aside. Presenting once my quick afternoon tea preparation, with the new commercial loaf bread in town. The Massimo (by Italian Baker) Wheat Germ Sandwich loaf bread. I searched through some comments over, some commented that it does not meet his/her expectation. Personally, I don't think I would compare it towards wholemeal bread, as the ingredient are totally different. Take it in a positive side, where we have more choice of commercial breads in the market, some might still prefer those from the leading market.

If I have the choice, I will prefer self homemade loaf bread :)

See what I had done with the bread, it was toasted on with sliced cheese, hidden below are tuna chunks and slice of tomato. Yummmm.... served with apple English tea BOH.

* Understand there is still introductory price for these sandwich loaf. From what I know, small loaf of wheat germ cost RM2.50 in the market. However, some Chinese medical hall and kedai runcit may be selling only at RM2.00. It's at your choice, to try & to save!

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