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Monday, July 4, 2011

Custom Made Wetsuit @ Bangkok Thailand - SportPro

I told myself, I need to blog this after my dive trip of the year. I told myself for the past 3 weeks, I need to blog this out over the weekend. Unfortunately, I have been procrastinating... It has been difficult for me to glue myself on the desk these days, as the weather is just too hot! (cheapo me, or rather environmental friendly me do not wish to turn on too many air-conditioner at home).

So, here I forced myself to complete this post... after pending since March 2011, on my last trip to Bangkok.

This was introduced by a friend, ever since I took up scuba diving course. After some difficult experiences in putting myself onto some rented suits, I gave up! Decided to get myself a custom made suit. What's different, hehe... it is best to have all zipped for the hands and legs opening. It made life easy, as easy as 1 2 3!

If any of you wish to have your custom made wetsuit, you may find your way here to Bangkok. The location is pretty easy to find, located at walking distance on Sukhumvit Rd. - Thonglor interaction. Will supply the detailed address at the end of this post.

Some photos for your viewing here.

The view from inside, while waiting for measurement taking.

The collection & some ready made suits...

If you are weekend tourist to Bangkok, it may be difficult for you to test and collect your wetsuit in time. It usually takes 1 week for fitting, and another 1 week for it to be ready. Thus, it will need at least 2 weeks to collect your good after measurement taking and deposit placement. So, plan ahead and give them a call earlier if you wish to pre-arrange an order.

The address & name card.

The location from Google map. Though it may be walking distance from the nearest Thonglor BTS station... for some reason if you are staying nearby the area, taking a cab may be a better idea (quoted from someone), since cab fare within Bangkok is rather affordable. Once you get into Soi Thonglor 5, you may see the little shop located somewhere next to a logistic company (if I remember correctly).

(click to enlarge view)

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