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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Photogs Trip, Kuala Sepetang & Taiping - July 15-16 2011

Photogs, a definition made for photographers, some said its professional photographers but some said it also meant for amateur photographers. No matter what, I will only classify myself as a pure amateur one. Solely to fulfill my soul, yeah! Been owning a DSLR since 2007, made me feel somewhat still not-quite-get-it in terms of its technical capabilities. I love it because of art, the humanity behind the scene, the hard work of beautifying it. It's all about positive energy and the eyes we used to "see" the world with.

Anyway, this wasn't the first trip we all been doing. It's been an interesting outing we had, out from Klang Valley and incorporated with fun company and food kakis (those who love foods).

Our journey started 5am that morning, took us around 3 hours to reach Kuala Sepetang, a small fishing village / town nearby Taiping town. It's also named as Port Weld, no so sure about its history, must be something to do with the English colonial time. History aside, our journey was meant for photography. There we headed ourselves to a farm of Charcoal factories nearby. It has then thought me how charcoal are made of, its from Magroves trees (bakau in Malay). Indeed was an education tour cum photography. Came to know one of the factory turned into tourism business, explaining to foreigners the charcoal making methods. They usually exports its dry charcoal to countries like Japan, as they need these during the Winter season.

As my photo editing skills is really horrible... here are all I am able to share from the trip. Plus, I am really a lazy photographer.. could really enjoy photo taking under our hot and humid weather. There goes below, presenting my humble pics.

Our journey continues to Taiping after lunch, checked in to a homestay, single storey bungalow which I stayed about 2 years ago. It was a great and clean place, recommended for group of friends and family trip. Day 1 of photography ended after we completed the unloading part of mangroves bark, sometime in the evening.

Day 2 photos goes by as a below, we enjoy the morning breeze around Taiping Lake Garden. Had our group shootings for several hours around there, then headed for Cendol, before checking out from the homestay place. Here are some photos to share, unfortunately weather ain't good that time, it was full of haze around the town.

Photos below are taken with my Canon Compact camera IXUS 310HS, featuring all foods we had... yummy great!

Started with the breakfast at Kuala Sepetang, and oh no.. we saw dead baby shark in the market.

Simple breakfast taken from a Chinese coffee shop, next to the KTM (Old Train Stasion's) memorial wall. It wasn't a great breakfast, just to fulfill our hunger.

Some better picture taken in the dark dark charcoal factory.

Headed lunch nearby, apparently Mee Udang (Prawn noodle) is their specialties, serve by Malay cafe around. We headed to this stall because a friend been here before. The serving isn't cheap, RM7 for normal prawn, RM11 of big prawn, but the quality was superb. Very tasty prawn taste in the noodle, according to a friend, the soup noodle taste the best! Too bad, I had the fried rice. Prawns were all full hidden within the plate of rice. I could not remember the actual location of this stall, as I think I didn't mark down its GPS location :(

That was lunch, and we had early dinner back at Port Weld jetty. A Chinese seafood restaurant I have been to 2 years ago. The food wasn't that great, but comparing seafood we can get here in Klang Valley, it's consider superb. According to a friend, there's one more restaurant nearby, we should try that other time.

Since we stay in a house, it was easy for us to have a mini durian feast at home. We purposely had early dinner, so that we could have space for supper! Headed to Taiping old market, seems to be a supper hangout place for most. I miss the mini little seafood nasi lemak :)

Just before day 2 'assignment' started, we hit the GPS POI button and hit for a decent food stall. And now, I forgot the name of the shop, somewhere opposite SportToto, that's what I could remember. Food was not bad, it's not the famous Dim Sum shop in Taiping, but fairly decent. Many like their Chee Cheong Fun.

After the couple hours lepaking around the lake garden, we headed off for Ansari Cendol stall. Supposingly the famous cendol shop around.

We checked out from the home around 1pm. Here're the detail contact no., in case you are interested.

Day 2 lunch was an eye opener to me. Seafood porridge at Matang... indeed food was tasty, and interestingly there ain't many such specialty food around us. Lighthouse Seafood Restaurant, you can search it from most foodblog and event GPS POI.

Lastly, we went apart from the group and continued our journey up North, Penang island. Nothing special but Durian (again), this time had it at Balik Pulau, a place which I think I will explore more during my next visit. Foods are more tasty here compared to the town. Had their famous Assam Laksa at the town, it was superb. Scenery from the durian place was great too, windy and fresh. They even have a few rooms to let, check out their website here - http://www.durian.com.my/ (Bao Sheng Durian Farm).

An experimental shot with my tiny compact camera, taken the following Penang Bridge nite scenery. It wasn't too bad, lazy me was real lazy to assemble my tripod for my DSLR, that's the problem.

The end... of my July Photog trip :)

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