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Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012 New Year... resolution?

I am using the same picture everywhere... got this cute lil candy box from Pacific Coffee yesterday, love it to the max! Mind you, there is small lil mirror inside!... to reflect one self's and remind us who am I. :)

Last day of 2011, it's usually the time where one will look back the past, and plan for the new year resolution. What's mine? Honestly, I don't intend to plan anything for my self anymore, as those planned will surely never happen, those unplanned will usually make one surprise & be blessed. I choose the later, as the main objective of mine living in this world, is to acknowledge and enjoy the precious 'moment' after all. Some memories still stay fresh in my mind, even after some of the years that went by...

Dear friends, let's "Live our life happily, without regrets.." who knows, the world might end some time in 2012 ?! *-*

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