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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Coffee Appreciation - Knowledge of Coffee!

I wouldn't say I am a coffee addict, but with the many of cafe and coffee place mushrooming around the heart of city, plus some easy access to many coffee chain stores around... This made me kind of curious for the taste and aroma of - Coffee!

Most of all, I do have a simple coffee machine to experiment with. Which made me even more hungry for such knowledge.

I signed up for a session with my neighborhood cafe - Grandeur Gallery Cafe some time earlier this year, and the session was conducted by Barista Guild Asia. Learned to identify arabica vs robusta coffee beans, interesting facts were shared. Had a great shot of espresso, it's tiny all black coffee! Tasted slight soury but rich in aroma, it was interesting.

It was great, the session was not as boring as I thought. We had some hands on experiences in brewing and preparing cappuccino with the skillful milk frothier. I learned how to differentiate latte, cappuccino and flat white coffee. Indeed, cappuccino is the richest with milk among all. In such, I prefer flat white if I were to have my coffee goes with milk.

I do appreciate black coffee a.k.a americano (espresso + hot water) more these days, all black without sugar and milk. As much, pure black coffee serves only 2calories :) The most, I would always like my afogato (espresso + vanilla ice cream) when I brew at home.

Coffee Beans
Baristot Tiziano bean
Coffee Bean Grinder
Coffee Machine

Grandeur Gallery's Decor
Explain what's Cappuccino vs Latte
My Cappuccino
This Lemon Cheese Cake was yummy
Great to learn and understand more... but I wouldn't wish to become a barista (any more) as I learned that its such difficult to handle coffee machines in order to brew a nice coffee. It requires lots of patients and 'heart' in serving the customers. Great salutes to those good baristas out there, who serves coffee up right from their heart, have the patient glow in the cuppa they presented to their customer.

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