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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Cycle circle with Foldable bike!

Here's what I owed my readers... The so called horse riding similarity outdoor sports. Guess it was last September 2012, partner and I were shopping for a foldable bike each.

*agrhhhhh* I lost all my previously drafted post!! Now I'd need to-write! Thanks to the co-existance of mobile blogger apps & lappy, it's all my fault! Let's recall what I had written..... 

I did share how lousy I was in riding a bicycle during my childhood days. Though I did owned a BMX (seems to be the most 'in' bike in those days), I had never cycle more than 1KM at a time. Another unforgettable experience was on my aunt's kampung bike, where once she asked me to follow her around the village. I did, but I ended up in a mud fall :P. My aunt comment was "Ops... never know she can't balance!", but I did climbed onto it and try. A real 大番薯 a.k.a potato!

Here's the reason why I insisted in getting a foldable bicycle. I don't feel comfortable with those normal high frame bicycle - poor balancing. Secondly, I wish to travel out from town further, to cycle around botanical garden or so. A foldable made easier for commute/transfer.

Therefore, I have got myself a China brand foldable, namely TianXS (天喜盛) from my neighborhood bicycle accessories shop, GS Bikers Styles & Accessories. To be more accurate, my model is FKA 083. Don't ask me what type of gear and specification it has... I am just too lousy with that. Upon owning a bicycle like this, I consider myself good enough to balance it throughout the corner and road :).

My group ride so far being interesting and started from a super challenging 20+KM ride (1st ride  though!!) then moved gradually from 10+KM to the longest 36KM couple of weeks ago. On an average, we usually stays around 20ish KM.
2nd Group Ride
Without a watch, I found it difficult to keep up on the time. It's impossible to keep checking on my mobile phone. Hence I got myself a simple sports watch by Timex, flew all the way from Amazon US. It's not a complicated GPS watch or so, in fact its a lap chrono watch :).

My 1st Timex
The below picture were taken from one of the most challenging ride I had. The journey begun from Kota Kemuning all the way to Taman Puchong Mas. The ride was rather interesting, where we had to pass by pod holes (non-tar road) and along the Sg Klang river. If I recalled correctly, we clocked a 36KM here.

Pod holes road
Sg Klang River

Taman Puchong Mas
Other accessories came long couple of weeks after I owned a bike. Such replica sports sunglasses was put into play! We got it from some online store or Groupon, I couldn't remember as I wasn't the one who did the shopping.

Nasi lemak or Roti Canai for breakfast around Kg Bukit Kemuning has been a must for the group.

Nasi Lemak for Breakfast
Ride to Puchong MAS
Further on, I got myself another arm warmer. This is my favorite so far, as it has UV guard and its made out of some cooling material. The partner got this from an online Korean stuff market place, namely http://www.qoo10.my/. I am kind of skeptical of this product, as I couldn't find its write up any where in the internet. Perhaps its not a genuine product, but then Coolon seems to be a registered Korean brand. No matter what, as long as it serves its purpose well enough - UV protect!

Korean Arm Warmer
That's me with the Purple Arm Warmer
Other than that, I had got one of this flexible bag for foldable bike. It looks nice ya... this can be found at GS Bikers shop.
Foldable Bike's Flexi Bag
In fact, I had got myself another accessory today. hihi... till then, don't get the chance to post it now, or else my write up will be flushed and deleted once again :) *phew*

Happy Biking & Happy Exercising !

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