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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Flat Tyre - 20130110

Nothing much but to document something in my diary for my poor car. This is my 3rd owned car and yet, this was the 2nd time its tyre needed to be replaced at the shoulder of the road. In my driving history, what a sigh...

Did I mentioned this is the 2nd time on my 3rd car, well... all went well for my 2nd car as though there was no emergency needed for that, phew! I did the tyre replacement on my 1st car, all by myself! Some college mates passer by saw me at that time, but I couldn't remember if any offered help. Nevertheless, I was happy I managed to change the flat tyre on my own [at that time].

This time round... well, I wasn't the driver but though I did not change the tyre on my own.

  • Reason #1 - couldn't locate the tool in the dark, 
  • Reason #2 - simply because we know the highway authority and assistance could be a reliable one - it was a test!

Simply, there are several lessons learned one could adopt here.

  • Safety tip #1 - Make sure one is familiar with own car's emergency tool, if not could at least ensure a torch is fully function at all times. Perhaps a rehearsal for tyre change may be a good idea. 
  • Safety tip #2 - Keep authority or auto assistance emergencies phone number handy [Thanks to my broadband service & google search].

Check out KESAS Ronda emergency no. here.
Despite the heavy traffic during rush hour, they manage to assist me within 30min, and completed the mission in 2min. Salute and thank you very much for all the support.

Kesas Ronda in action
Here's the damage!

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