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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New - 1st time Blood Donor

yay! Recorded in the history of Purpledee.... 1st time ever donated blood to the National Blood Bank. Indeed was a great feeling, the moment I was poked! Don't really feel numb or anything, but the flow of my blood circulated all over my body (hehehe.... too much of imagination). Anyway, it was true enough with that experience. I felt freshed on the spot.

Before the donation, I had my lunch and feel tired and so. Thought I would not make it (again!) this time.

It was by coincident, in the morning I was IM'ing with a colleague who was also a 1st timer. "wei, you want to donate blood today?"..... I kept silence a while, giving a set of excuse, but was so tempted to try. Besides, it was an influenced by someone, who's a consistent blood donor, who happened to challenge me a week ago!

My friend and I been chit-chatting and motivating each other, both 1st timer, sitting side by side ... we dare not watch ourselves while being poked! We then watch each others' process and described them in words!!! haaa... very creative ya. With that, we both able to get a pint of blood each in just less than 5min.
In preparation....

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