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Sunday, October 12, 2008

New - My 1st Cook Book

This has been my 1st ever self bought cook book! So, my plan was to set priority to blog this out earlier than others, which had been in my wait list since last week.

I was at The Curve's Borders yesterday, hanging around killing time, as it was down pours out there... can't enjoy myself shopping at their open-air flea market. It happened there was a books bargain section, where there were sets of cook book around. My first catch was on this book, as the pictures were all attractive. Of course, with my favorite cheesy pasta meals in there. 'Cheese' again???

Side track a bit. Though I was complaining on cheesecakes in the last blog, it does not mean I don't like cheese. Somehow, I am not the big fan for cream or chilled cheese, but could say a big fan for baked cheese. My 2 friends had been talking about baked cheese in toast, baked cheese on crackers, baked cheese..... I kept quiet most of the time, hmmmm... wondering.

Back to Borders, I had then walked around with this book, still wondering if I really need this. What if I don't do anything out of this? Don't try out the recipe? Will it be a waste? Hm..... Alright, by the time I walked myself to the counter, I was told I could get extra discount if I get a magazine!! That enlightened me, quickly grab myself a magazine and the billed amount was even few cents cheaper than the original price.

The pictures in the book was real attractive! Hanging at The Curve's sofa area, flipping on the cook book... yummy... thought of having cheesy food. In the end, had some cheese stick and bun for my coffee time!

Not yet decide on my 1st mission out from this book, would it be probably this?

Honey Pork Rib

Let's see.... till then.

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