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Monday, October 27, 2008

Gardening World - Mulberry Tree (桑树)

Mulberry tree (Scientifically known as Morus alba) is an easy to grow plant on the home garden. I wouldn't say it is easy to maintain as it will grow wild and become a huge tree if does not get trim every now and then. Base on my experiences and friend's advice, I would share some of the tips here.

Mulberry tree itself has lots of its own functions . Just like a coconut tree, where we learn from school days.

The leaves - Widely use to raise silk worm. From a friends experience, the young leaves can be dried with oven, then serve as green-tea. Very refreshing though. Personally I have yet to try. Dried leaves can be collected and turn into pillow (again, not too sure about this, but a friend has tried). Lastly, I would use the old leaves by recycling them into waste and treat as fertilizer, this I had tried before.

The branches - Its the best part to breed the plant. What I meant easy was because with a little solid branch, it could easily grow into a huge Mulberry tree.

The fruits - The red ripe fruit is of course edible. Like other berries, it can be used in baking cakes and pies. I wouldn't think it is widely use here in Malaysia market. But I do see Mulberry enzyme and drink sold in the market. I will harvest my fruit and turn them into great Mulberry enzyme. Check out my DIY post.

1) Mulberries are generally free from pests, though once a while I may see small white pesticides, but its uncommon. To keep it free from pesticides, regular trimming is advisable.

2) The tree requires trimming once it pruned and harvested. Else, it will stop pruning and end up turning into a huge tree.

3) After trimming, that's when the tree continues to breed and grow with its branches. One can replant the plant just with its branches.

4) The plant needs lots of water and sunlight. Especially when it stays in a pot. If its grow on the ground, it could grow healthily.

Fact Sheets:
http://baike.baidu.com/view/128795.htm (Chinese)

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