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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Happy Ba-Chang (肉粽) a.k.a. Dragon Boat Festival 2012

I knew I would not be able to write this on the actual day of festival (oh well, I can always scheduled it). Anyway, since I have some personal time this evening, might as well complete the post before going for a short local trip this weekend.

Weeks before I get myself into this serious trial cook, I have been googl'ing around for tips with cooking and wrapping methods for this ever mystery dumpling. Well enough, I managed to trace some information based on the type of dumpling from my hometown, or rather I tasted since I was young. Since young, my homecooked dumpling was always done by my grandmom. Ever since my mom has retired several years ago, she finally has spare time to experiment with the cooking. Never too late to learn ya.. :) Back to the taste and texture we grown up with,  it is somewhat the type of dumpling similar to southern Taiwan's dumpling. At least was what I learned from YouTube :)

I did some youtub'ing for the wrapping methods too, unfortunately I still couldn't get it perfect.
A day before the experiment, I called up my mom for some last minute instructions, and she rather much enthusiastic enough to take several pictures during her preparation, and have them posted to FaceBook! Proud of you, such FB-savy mom!

Mom's step by step wrapping method, from FB

My Ingredients

Oh no! This was ugly looking and I happened to know I tied them wrongly :P

Some still edible, but the rice was rather tasteless :)
Glutinous rice about 500g
Pork Belly (Marinated with dark and light soy sauce, Oyster sauce, lots of pepper, rice wine)
Mushroom slice in dice
Garlic & onion in small dice
Chestnut (栗子) soak overnight
Dumpling leave soak overnight

  1. Most of the ingredient needs to be soaked overnight, except for the mushroom (depending)
  2. Marinate pork belly which cut into dices according to own liking
  3. Fry garlic and onion till golden, set aside
  4. Fry marinated pork belly in the wok, add part of the fried garlic and onion when pork are almost cook, add mushroom last
  5. Set out the pork belly dish from the wok, use the same wok to stir on remaining garlic and onion. Add lard if prefers.
  6. Sift soaked glutinous rice, add them to fry with the lard and garlic/onion
  7. Add enough salt and pepper to taste (I love more pepper, especially Sarawak pepper)
  8. Once ready, start to wrap and tie.. (I have yet to learn the propoer tying method)
  9. Place the tied dumpling into pressure cooker, cook for 1+ hour
Though this may not be my perfect dumpling, its at least edible! Kinda proud of myself ya.. 
My next attempt will have some special combination, won't be traditional. I am trying to test out some healthy dumpling (養身棕), probably vegetarian or semi vegetarian.

Happy Dumpling Festival ~!

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