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Monday, June 18, 2012

Dive trip to Redang Island, June 2-4 2012

A newbie in scuba diving? Oh yes, I will always classified myself as one, and of course an inexperienced one too. Had my Open Water certification in 2009, only dive once a year, and here I came to the 3rd year which had yet hit 50 dives. I am just too lazy!! Staying at the west coast of peninsular Malaysia, does not have many worth exploring dive sites, while journey to the east coast will cause pain in the ass (long hour drive) and journey to my home island will cost a bomb!

Honestly, this wasn't a dive trip intentionally. It was a bus / road trip to Redang island with some 20 odd neighbourhood friends. Kinda a mid year trip, since we will usually hit to cold cold place every year end. So, mid year means Summer vacation! I had a my 2 diving buddies joined the crowd, and we 3 hit to the island during a super peak school holiday season. We charter a 30seater coach with the travel agent. Seat in the coach was superb, but it just does not goes will with our traffic jammed street and uneven east coast highway. I felt choppy during those moment. I couldn't really enjoy the journey, especially when it take close to 9 hours to its destination.

The bus we took - SP Bumi, stopped at Esso Station K. Terrenganu

Redang Pelangi Resort wasn't the earlier intended place for us to hit too. We knew Laguna was a nice resort, but we couldn't get the place for 20pax. Nevertheless, Pelangi Resort was not too bad afterall, except for the room and bathroom which I will leave a bad remark on them. Overall, the resort's environment and management was not too bad.

On the boad.. reaching Redang Pelangi

Redang Pelangi Resort Jetty

We would thought the island will be super pack with scuba divers... surprising it was not! We 3 enjoyed the super 'luxury' boat dives,  with only 5 of us in a boat most of the time (plus the dive master and the boat man).

Our dive was good, with overall visibility of 10M most of the dives. As mentioned earlier, we had a luxury attended 5 dives with the resort's dive shop, 1 shore / checkout dive plus 4 boat dives. I was a bit  nervous during my initial dives, in which I wasn't sure on my weight and the descending 'postures' I had, it turned out I couldn't really concentrate throughout my dives. Nevertheless, I do like the 'quiet' feeling underwater, just enjoyed the emptiness in mind, except for the moment for own self and dive buddies. The experienced worsen here, when we were told it's JELLY FISH season. I would say the experience of jelly fish is much worse as compared to the current we mild experienced there, which I just hate to fight against current under sea.

One of our dive mates suffered the bite from one of the jelly fish hidden at the descending rope we had to used, poor him. It was lucky that the scares didn't get worse, as our dive master prepared vinegar in the dive boat.
Closer view of jelly fish

The 'sting' jelly fish

Me again - Thanks to the photographer!

me and the nemo!

One of the dive site

Terengganu Marine Parks
I enjoyed those easy dives in Redang island. Knowing me, I am rather a lazy person. Rather feel the inner feel than the actual feel. Won't really eager for more dives or even some rather challenging type, i.e. current...

This ain't sunset, but was sunrise on the day we depart

crystal clear water, from the departing boat

I didn't have many photos to share. Thanks to my buddies whom has good UW cameras, which had taken on some real nice pictures UW for sharing. Like it, and thank you !

Next dive trip, in a month time!! Till then. 

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