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Monday, August 20, 2012

Dive trip to Perhentian Island, Jul 20 - 23 2012

Another dive trip for the year. I have been dragging in completing my Advanced Openwater Diver license for the past several years, this time round I finally found a buddy to complete the course with.

I didn't prepare well for the tests at all, in such I was little disturbed during the exams. To be exact, I didn't study my course material until the night I camped at my friend's house. We were all camped at her place, as we took an early flight in to Kota Bahru the very next morning, 630am.

We settled ourselves at Arwana Resort, Perhentian Besar. We didn't have much expectation of this resort, though they have better facilities. In fact I was told the facilities were much better 3 years ago. Oh well, Malaysian service and maintenance always stayed at the same level of expectation. Meals were not included of the stay, except for breakfast. We need to grab our food from nearby stalls, be it lunch and dinner.
View from Arwana Lobby
From our room

Oh.. back to on my dive test. Some of my test went well, except for buoyancy which I had earlier confessed to my instructor which I may not do it well, indeed that happened. I was disturbed with a deep dive planned earlier, as I could not gt down into the water, God knows why...

Fortunate enough, my night dive was good and I did my navigation well. Though it was total darkness during night dive, but the use I torch was kinda interesting. Only down side was the inability to sense your surrounding.

Overall, the trip was good, mainly because we choose to fly. That safe lots of energy and made us less tired.

I didn't have many picture taken during this trip. Unlike my other dive mates in which they all have UW camera with them to play with. I don't as I am yet to master my UW handling skills.

Some pictures were taken while waiting for our meals, particularly dinner.

1st nite BBQ dinner
Candle lighted dinner
Satay was nice
Overall dinner
I could not remember what we had for dinner the 2nd night. 

But I can definitely remember we had BBQ eat-all-we-can dinner for RM29ish/each on the last night. We had our dinner at Flora Bay's restaurant, and was told the place been newly renovated. It was clean.
On the way walking to dinner place
Dinner buffet - all grilled

That marked the end of my dive trip. The visibility throughout the 3 days dive were not good, barely 5M. However, the experience was good. We went Sugar Wreck for wreck dive, and Tokong Laut for deep dive. Terumbu Tiga (T3) was pretty interesting, where I was asked to go through many 'holes', its was in fact the many gabs in between the stones area. We basically hang on to the walls, and my buddy almost lost his GoPro camera when I was struggling for a second while air trapped into my pocket BCD. In fact, I wasn't not comfortable with the rented BCD I had from the dive shop in KL, but what to do as I have to hang on to it throughout the trip. Sad. 

Getting ready for my next deep dive trip... Hmmm... can't wait and count down to it. It will be a lovely heavenly and romantic place to dive. :)

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