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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Penang Durian Trip, Jun 23-24 2012

It was an impromptu trip, oh well, not necessarily as it was earlier with intention to try out the Groupon's deal at Jerejak island. We were not able to get the booking (thank god, will tell you the actual condition later).

Instead, a friend a.k.a colleague offered me a place to stay, at her house in Balik Pulau. It was indeed such a great experience, being able to stay at a local's house, instead of those boring hotel. Considering myself a nature trip instead. Been into some village places, tasted the local food at the local market place. Most luxurious, is to have an every ready tourist guide explaining every single places of interest, including her old home. :)

First and foremost, we greeted ourself with Balik Pulau famous Assam Laksa, located next to the old market.

Kim Assam Laksa @ BP

Durian, the king of fruit was in fact the major attraction for us to hit Balik Pulau. Earlier intention was to have our deal at Bao Sheng, a durian food village. Instead, since my friend's family used to be durian farm owner, it was so easy for her to call up ordering from their usual stall or relatives.

The feast started with an entry trial at the market stall, owned by the relatives. According to the durian expert, one needs to taste durian based on a sequential manner, and she even labeled the next 9 fruits for us. We then brought home to enjoy.

Durian stall @ BP maket

1st Durian of the year - 林鳳嬌

Nicely labeled for sequence tasting

Yum! Durian
Upon evening, friend brought us for nature walk. There's a paddy field in Balik Pulau, that surprises me. Walking and cycling trail has create convenience for nature lover, some pics by my iPhone. My DSLR has gone for major service, and no means for me to carry my compact that time. Simply because I could post my picture immediately ^-^.
Paddy field @ BP
Scenic view
Trail board
We skipped dinner that night. Earlier intention was to hit to the famous village seafood restaurant. But we were all too full with durians. Instead, we set ourself in the kitchen chit chatting whole night long.

Next morning, its food time once again. We settled ourself for central one-stop food hunting, the food stalls at BP new market. I think we had 5 dishes to share, char kuey teow, wan tan mee, Penang Hokkien mee a.k.a. prawn mee, prawn paste chee cheong fun. We missed the kuey teow soup, heard its nice, but the stalls were not open that day.
Breakfast @ BP market
Almost finish
Nutmeg and Umbra drink
We wonder ourself a bit around the market, found duck eggs that cost only 60cents each. I have yet seen a real nutmeg fruit, that's where I got some home :)

Our tour guide then brought us round the corner of Balik Pulau, explained every single inches of the places and her childhood. It was a great pleasure to learn more into nature's place. She brought us to her family's Durian orchard too. A picture snap with durian still hanging on the tree.

Durian on the tree
Overall, it was a nice short trip for getaway and nature's retreat. Wonder when will the next trip be? Hoping to taste more local foods, i.e. seafood as well as some exciting photography trip (for me), while my friends could have enjoy their biking around.

Along the journey home, we stopped by Matang, near Taiping for seafood porridge @ Lighthouse restaurant.

Seafood porridge

p.s. oh, just realized I missed out explaining the Jerejak Resort experience, which I was glad I missed that. In fact, the deal was then passed on to my friend's sister. Apparently the resort has been horribly maintained, bad service, dirty, even has spider webs in the room. Gosh, thank god I didn't had my stay there. This groupon deal was just a lousy one. 

Coming up with more travel posts along, July had been a busy month for me :)

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