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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Avon Fighting Brest Cancer Walk, Sep 23 2012

This is a dated post. Just realized I have tones of unprocessed photos in my MBP, been lack of time and energy to blog these days. Anyway, this ain't a special event that capturing deep into my memory. I rather blog them out before I washed it away from my memory, at least I knew I have done a 5KM walk before.

The event wasn't a great one, as we waited at the starting point for more than 2 hours! Poor time management, I would say. Overall, the setup was fine and organized. Goodie bag was good, as that was where I've got a bandana, actually quite useful for some outdoor activity (will blog soon).

I like pink! True enough, the t-shirt and baloon were all in pink. It made me felt dizzy, for the 1st time. Capturing my experience that morning... well, it was a slow walk after all the wait, sun was shiny and hot, there's where I felt sunburn and went covering my face with the bandana instead.

Putrajaya Precinct 3 was a nice place. I enjoy the walk and view with nice modern buidings. Wish I have a bike that time, that I could go round and round the place. Taking more time in taking pictures with my DSLR. Oh my camera! He has been in the closet for such a long time, sad. :(

Series of pictures below, self explainable. And, by the way I started to use RunKeeper to trace and capture my walk on my smartphone, it works! (of course it works...)

The free baloon
Starting Point @ Palace of Justice
Baloon off the skies
My NB running shoe
the Crowd
Stress Free?
Stretching time
Horse! Thought I would ride on those
Time for food

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