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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Stamps! My childhood collection

Went through some stacks of childhood collections back home now.. Cherish the lovely yet innocent childhood memories.

It wasn't my 1st top in the list hobby at that time. While it was mainly some part of school curriculum, that thought us what about stamp collection. My aunt back from the West did passed me some good value stamps, inherited from the old Malaya days. They probably even elder than my age. It was fun looking through those old stamps, reminded me the era when I was wondering where such exotic places, I.e. Zambia was...
Special collections
Exotic Places Stamps
My Neighboring Country - Brunei
China - My Grandparents wrote back to their  relatives
Neighboring Singapore
London, where my Aunt was
Old Stamp Book - Inherited from my Aunt or my Dad
My 1st Stamp Book!


ykristen said...

Use to collect stamps too, mid way when i joined the work force and moved houses, i misplaced them. Moving forward, my daughter recently asked me about my album and have been looking for it ever sinnsnce.

Your post reminded me of the stamps that i used to have and somehow think that these hobbies are much better than ipads.

Purpledee said...

indeed and agree. olden days hobbies made us appreciate life more, while the new edge gadget made us pace faster in our life.