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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Horse Riding Experience, Apr 2012

Yet, it was way before the Gangnam Style exist... I had my 1st trial on the horse. Earlier thought it can be an easy exercise, unfortunately some made me quit from this....

  • Waiting for a horse availability (washed and so) can be extensively long, I felt the heat if it wasn't 7-8am in the morning.
  • Horse dunk can be smelly! Iew...
  • Getting up the horse can be a challenge for me... blame it on my inflexible body :(
  • It can be fun on the horse, but I wouldn't sure when the horse will get mad of me and throw me down on the ground, hence.. it's never an easy ride. I need to pay a lot attention while I was up there

Horses are though animal, I would prefer Pony (hihi, reminds me of my Pony Tail). But Pony ride is only available for kids.
Meal time 
The Horses Home
白馬王子?White Horse 
Spa or shower time... our weather is too hot.

As a result, I didn't get too far from the 1st lesson of horse riding at Denai Alam Equestrian Club. Added to the 1st trial, I only been there twice. But let's see what 'safety' measure equipment I have invested?

For Sale - 1 time used Horse Riding Hat
M Sized, Conrich Red Velvet 
CRH-05 Medium, its model 
The chap - To wrap on lower tights, up to knee (unused)
The  chap - Size L (Black) 
Used (1 time) red glove
Glove - Size M
PM me at purpledee929[at]gmail.com in case if you are interested to inherit my humble horse riding basic safety item. Special discount can be arranged :)

Interesting enough, within the same year of 2012, I have transformed into another outdoor activity which require about the same set of safety equipment... will blog on them when I have the time. What's important now is to clear these items from house, in conjunction with the up coming Spring Cleaning year end 2012 activity.

Till then.

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Jacko K said...

What is the material of the chap? Seems good for biking protection...