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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Dentist @ BP Healthcare, Glenmarie

Teeth are precious! A glorious smile won't just shines the day or others, but one's inner feel too. Though I had never wear braces (in fact my mom had tried to approach me for many many years), yet I am still against it.

I am glad my crooked tooth ain't too obvious, thank God for that. I still needed some effort in maintaining my teeth and gum, making sure they are healthy well all times. Half yearly check up is a must!

Unfortunate for me, most of my dental visit lasted me with 50min (or even past 60min) wait & 10min of scaling/consultation.

My experience changes lately, with my 1st visit to BP healthcare's newly establish Dental service at Glenmarie. Wait was barely 5min, and consultation with scaling took me 50min. If you are someone whom have great patient and wishfully interested to know more of your own teeth, available dental services in the market today, how to keep teeth and gum healthy, etc.. It was an eye opener for me. Having able to see own teeth through snap shots from a dentist camera somewhat impressed me (mind me, I probably been kept to the old fashioned dentist all these while).

This was the snap shot of before-after of my teeth. :) *wink smile*

Appointment can be made online here. It was rather simple, while their staff will call you up for appointment booking. 

BP Healthcare - Glenmarie Branch
1, Jalan Pendaftar U1/54, Section U1,
Temasya @ Glenmarie, 40150 Shah Alam.
Tel: 603-5569 9996
Official Website : http://www.bphealthcare.com/

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