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Sunday, October 28, 2012

DIY - Pumpkin Curry Chicken

Pumpkin oh Pumpkin! Besides Halloween, I didn't earlier thought you can bring us variety of cooking recipes. It had been someone been bragging on the pumpkin butter prawn back home, I was supposed to try it out today. Unfortunately, I accidentally swapped a pack of frozen prawn with friend lately, will claim it back only tomorrow.

Next attempt, was then Pumpkin curry. I had bought a pack Organic curry powder and chilli powder one each recently. It's time to use them.

Super simple ingredient and cooking method.

Ingredient :-
Pumpkin in dices
Shallot and Garlic
Chicken tights and breast
Curry Leaves
Curry Powder
Chilli Powder
Oatmilk - Organic Powder, stir in warm water; to substitute Coconut milk (a.k.a Santan)

1) Fry shallots and garlic in Grapeseed Oil (any cooking oil)
2) Add in curry leaves, continue frying
3) Add in pumpkin dices, continue frying
4) Add chicken, curry powder and chilli powder (~ 1 tablespoon each or to taste)
5) Simmer with little water, about 15min
6) Add in Oatmilk and continue simmer 5min, ready to serve

Pumpkin Curry Chicken
Served with brown rice

Happy tying ~!

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