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Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Return to Victoria Island, Sep 5 - 9 2012

Nothing can be more exciting than returning back to own hometown. Ever since my family shifted back to the east, I had to spend some pennies to get home for a short visit. Unlike those days, when a 3D2N road trip could easily be made over the weekend.

My every visit back home might have new findings, without failed. Setting work aside (well, it might be just my luck this year, 2 visits needed me to bring over my laptop and work home :(... ), life has been pretty relaxing. Setting my back at home, shopping for chocolates and beers, playing with  this new black doggie has made all my 5Ds.

Blackie likes Leffe Black
He was named Fido!
Lizard styled
My air asia trip back home was rather an eventful journey. Firstly on departure from LCCT, we were late for baggage check in! All set with the brilliant planner whom decided to catch a 6AM taxi, when the flight was 730AM. How could that be?? I was rather panic at the baggage drop counter, thank god the attendant asked me to quickly bring the 15KG baggage into as hand lugagge. My expression, 'can meh?'... In fact, after thinking twice, the front desk allowed it this time was then because the flight was originally 755AM in which they brought it earlier (to be fair, they announce well in advance). So, don't abuse it! Flight was rather packed that morning, we had no choice but to chuck the bag under our legs, it wasn't pleasant and might caught ergonomic issue (especially on a 2hour flight).

The 15KG hand luggage
The return flight was rather a drama, will explain further.

My latest trip has been a lot more associated with pets and foods. This pure white with blue and yellow eyes caught my attention, just right in front of my house. Not sure if its stray, or probably has an owner.

2 colored eyes cat
New discovery from the supermarket shelf, and highly recommended by mom. It's pure chilli, Sabah chilli has been known of its spiciness? Well enough, we like the little chilli back home here more. I have yet tried these favor below, bought a few back to to city. Probably will come handy on some upcoming 'eating' feast and occasions.

Grinned Chilli
Day 1 breakfast, oh... it's dad's ham and egg sandwich. Our childhood breakfast, hihi.

Dad's sandwich
One of the lunch, we had curry mee! One of the best in Labuan. Wow! This was my very 1st time had nice curry noodle in the island. Well, mind me but the food standard here in the east is rather simple. What's best here is always the Iced Lemon Tea! This shop served even with double Teh Boh bags!

Kedai Kopi Jia Yan @ Kg Patau-Patau
Location @ Bing; Facebook

Curry Noodle
Not sure which nite it was, brother wanted to buy us supper. Here goes his so called famous roti John. I think my brother likes cheese so much so with the bunch of salad fought in between. It's something rather close to Subway, haha.. the cheap version of Subway sandwich.

Roti John
I transported the ready made white popiah skin this time, mom requested. We had this type of popiah, full of shredded vegetables fried with prawns since childhood time, specially during CNY eve's dinner. And the white popiah skin were even handmade by my dad (that time), inherited from my grandmother. It was such a skilled work, and glad we brought to know such cooking skills made inherited at home. :)

The best combination for afternoon tea, popiah with bottled San Miguel beer. We had some white popiah turned golden, thanks to the someone who could not chew well. We had some of the fried version.

Popiah and Beer
Fried Popiah
Part of our shopping will sure include the wet market. I bought this whole fish for RM30. So much fresh and nice.

Ikan Tenggiri
A nite dinner, we had at a restaurant at the wet market. Not too bad, if you like fresh seafood. I am not really a seafood fan, such in such I didn't enjoy the steamed scallop. Such a waste, as I know many KL folks will surely love this to the max. 

Scallop in Shell
End of the trip, there was another lesson learned over this air trip. Never ever check in a 1kg soft luggage, which supposed to be hand carried. It will be easily get lost in transit. This really happened to us, in fact the baggage front desk had warned us earlier. This really happened and we didn't get our luggage upon arrival at LCCT. Great lesson! The bag was dropped out from the coursel while it was transiting its way to the luggage carrier to the air plane. Good thing was, I was rather impressed with Air Asia's ground staff service, the really made an effort to check, call all the way back to the departure land, ensure, logged the report, and followed up with courier service the next day in sending the luggage to my home (in fact I requested them to send to my office the following day).

End of travel report, till the next travel visit end-Nov. 

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