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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

One-drop-only Concentrated Mouthwash

Life has been like an empty box, work with no days and nights...without much lights at the end of tunnel, seriously made life miserable, at times. Oh well enough, it's time for me to blog nonsense.

Happened to get this introduced by the Chinese medical hall's owner, when someone has a very bad ulcer, and my throat had been itch to sore. It's when the tradition sea salt water came to no avail, this made handy and effective.

Googled a bit on it, apparently it is made of natural products. Oh I love it then. Made in Germany. I would think its more worth the money compared to the bottled Listerine. RM25+ for a small bottle like this, needs only dash oh drip , mix with water to gargle. Tried it out, and it's effective. Taste good too.

Next in my natural lab, I may experiment some mount wash instead. Found some interesting recipe while googling, it's fun to a naturalist!

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