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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Cameron Highland Trip, Aug 10 - 12 2012

An extra-ordinary trip with the company of 3 other families, up to somewhere cooling. Love temperature of Cameron since many years, while my trip has always been with family members. This time round I had an opportunity to explore new place, had meals with new gang of 'trip' friends and their family members, whom I had never met before. Prepared an easy meal for them - miso soup and tom yum steamboat, while many liked my appetizer cum dessert.

Details of our trip aside. My general intention was to introduce this awesome bangalow we stayed. Down hill from Tanah Rata almost close to Ringlet. Our earlier thought was that, gosh... won't it be less cooling? Well, just try out luck!

Surprising enough, this particular bungalow is situated among the hilly jungle area, though next to the mainroad, but it was not busy at all. Rather a quiet and soothing place to destress from the hectic city life. It was only good if I had my foldable bicycle since then, ahem.

Introduce the stay with Valley View Bungalow, privately owned and managed by a couple. They have a maid and several dogs, close to 12 when we were there. All the doggie was collected from SPCA before, all now grown with super nice fur and adorable too.

Let the picture tell its stories...

Activities we had.... without fail, it has been meals after meal. For me, it was rather a fruitfull trip as I tried many different kinds of food, as well experienced the problem of sorting out good pack of steamboat ingredient from Menglembu market. It wasn't easy, as probably locals don't have a one-stop stall to shop. My time estimation didn't go well, as we were then slightly beyond estimated time. Good thing was, the other 2 teams were extremely late from our earlier meeting point, due to some technical glitches.

A day before the trip, partner and I pulled ourselves to try out Ipoh's Tune hotel. Experience was excellent, front desk was good and room was modern and clean. Kinda like their concept, and it was much better as expected. Had the long missed taugeh chicken for dinner, next morning went market hunt, biscuit hunt and all sorts of foodie were packed up to the hill.

Ipoh Tune Hotel front desk

Card key & central controller

Temperature detector

Safety Guidance


Taugeh Chicken

Placed order.. nice biscuit
Moving upwards to the hill, 2 teams stopped by for our 1st lunch - Watercress Valley, simple lunch with their special watercress drink. Tasted like Chinese herbal tea.
Watercress herbal drink

Watercress plantation

Simple meal
Other places we stopped by for viewing, included the milky teh tarik Parit Waterfall, Tanah Rata town and its park, plus Strawberry park small stalls which I bought a nice purplish cauliflower.

Recycling exercise

Organic Cauliflower

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