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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Foods @ Kota Kemuning - Joji Gambut Catering & Local foods

There are more and more decent cafes and kopitiams mushrooming in the business area of Kota Kemuning, unlike 10 years back where we can hardly find foods around. However, in the area of quiet end row of shops at the business park, I once spotted this cafe. It made me wonder, whom do they usually serve to when the row of shop is rather quiet.

We made an attempt one morning, walked in and dine for breakfast. Indeed they served some tasty local food, i.e. nasi lemak, curry mee, fried meehoon and lots more. Price wise, I would say its about in par with old town or paparich kopitiam, slightly cheaper but not too cheap.

The cafe
My partner had a bowl of curry noodle. Served with few slices of yong tao fu, fish balls and fish cakes. Nice curry based soup and I think it cost around RM8-9. 

Curry Mee
While I had the most simple plain nasi lemak, without any chicken or beef.  I wasn't sure with its quality at that time. 
Nasi Lemak
We then packed some chicken curry puffs and a pie home. Rating wise, I would say its pricy curry puff RM1.80/piece pays a price worth. Full with fillings of curry chicken dices and potato. Not bad, worth while for light afternoon tea.
Curry Puffs
Pies too
Now, question is how they could survive on a quiet street. Barely anyone would see them, as the shop is secluded away from the usual dining crowd of Kota Kemuning. Answer is, their main business is on catering services. Main dishes serve inclusive of fried meehoon, nasi lemak, pies, curry puffs and so. Now you know, they needed the shop lot space for the cooks and food preparation. 

This particular shop is indeed a second shop after its famous curry puff kopitiam at Kuantan, Jalan Gambut. Apparently they have a few blog writeups in Malay, visit here. Honestly, I have yet try out their food catering service, likely might use them up for my next party at home.. God knows when :(.

Perusahaan Makanan Joji Gambut
Kota Kemuning, 40460 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan
03-5121 5220
(Shop facing Lagoon Terrace, along the same road as MaxValu, Kota Kemuning)

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