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Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 In Review

Whilst I don't usually blog on my personal stuff, guess it is time for an exception, perhaps a new start for 2013. 2012 somewhat been a challenging journey for me. No doubt, I am proud I made it through. There were ups and downs, with some extra personal time during the weekdays been sacrificed for work.

I still crafted some personal time for own self - yes, own self!
  • Scuba diving - 3 places in the year (Redang, Perhentian, Mataking)
  • Got my Advanced Open Water certification, in preparation for more deep dives!
  • Outdoor yoga - early morning in the park
  • Reading
  • Nail spa and excellent personal "massager" - too bad she quit her job come end 2012, I miss her.
Some of my time were made aside for family members.
  • Made home to Labuan island 3 times in the year - included family trips to Kota Kinabalu, Pulau Papan and so
  • Tried horse riding - but gave up after 2 rides
  • Island trip to Redang - partial as I enjoyed my personal time with my dive buddies too
  • Chiang Mai trip - 1st time there, it was an eye opener
  • Baking, cooking for experimental dishes
  • Cameron Highland trip with friends cum their families - enjoyed the nice bungalow & home cooked food
  • Cycling - got my 1st foldable bike, improving my ride every now and then :)
What I did not do in 2012... :(
  • Karaoke with my close buddies
  • Organize a party
Guess I would consider myself being more outdoor this year, is it a good thing? Oh well, perhaps so when I gradually feeling health condition de-tolerating. I wish to explore more on healthy diet, more healthy stuff to start my 2013. A journey to begin with, after the long waited dooms day 2012.

Of course, more de-stress sessions including some pampering ones, i.e. spa will be an ideal thing to do. I wish to visit more places in 2013, particularly those with 4 seasons. Some plan has been lined up, can't wait to see them happen.

Improve my writings, both formal and informal - more blogs perhaps?

Bye 2012, welcome 2013!

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